Victoria Park.


This is the view from the park where my friend /co-intern Sajid and I had a good rest sitting down on the ground from a hard core Rugby tag and a basketball game!

I don’t remember the last time I had worked out this hard. This is definitely my first time playing any kind of Rugby and it was nice to finally got the idea of the game and actually experience playing it. After work, as we were walking home, Sajid invited me to play with him and some people from the college, mainly the marketing and student services people like Torika and Pukar. We were at the park from 7pm to 9pm which was a good 2 hours worth of running and tagging people and shooting hoops!

This Park was about 10 minutes walk from my apartment and it was downhill slightly off the city center. Although my team lost the Rugby game, we totally brought our game up in Basketball and redeemed ourselves (Pukar and I at least, the other dude who was our team mate in Rugby doesn’t play basketball).

It was a nice change of activity and being outdoor for once. I can be quite the internet junkie and stay home all day if it weren’t for people who invite me to do stuff like this. I mean, deep down I feel hesitant, like the preference would always be to stay home, but my mind tells me “You need to go outside guuurrll!!!”🙄


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