Gardening Goodies! 🌱🌾🌿🍆#splurge #newbie #iwantgreenhands

After lunch at KFC with the connect group, I made a shameless request to my ride back to the city, Abby and Aashish if we could stop by a store where they sell gardening stuff. I wanted to get a pack of soil so I can continue to grow my potted plants in the flat.

They are so kind and took me to THE Bunnings store. It’s like THE place to find all things gardening, and of course, other manly stuff too so it was also a good stop for Aashish who is working on his painting business too.

And I went crazy! Splurged on an insect gun, 3 plastic pots, a ‘vitamin’ for my plants and some packet of tomato and radish seeds! Maann.. that was 52 dollars worth of investment on some future potential lettuces and vegetables!

I also got myself a big pack of 25L Garden Mix soil so I can add more soil when needed and also so I won’t have to keep coming back or looking for places to get soil from again since gardening items like this is really hard to come by around the city center.



The plastic pots I really needed to get because the previously used instant noodles cup was not draining the water well enough and I see it kinda stop growing. I think I should’ve placed more larger holes through the container but let’s hope in the next round I could do better.

Thank You Lord for Abby and Aashish! Yay for occasional suburb visits! hehehehehe


One Comment to “Gardening Goodies! 🌱🌾🌿🍆#splurge #newbie #iwantgreenhands”

  1. Wooooow! I wanna start my veggie farm at home toooooo *sigh*


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