Secret Santa in the Office! #internLife #Christmas2015

Our little office organized a small gift exchange program with some snacks! Crackers with Cheese, dried fruits, strawberries and cherries with chocolate dip! Wow~~ this is probably one of the most fanciest afternoon tea I have participated in.


Everyone first gathered around the pantry while Aimee gave a little speech about how they wanted to organize this little thanksgiving gig and thanked everyone there and wished everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas.


Once all the formalities were done, the young men all digged in. Huaaahhh!!


After the quick tea time snack, we all gathered around the tree as Nick and Aimee handed out the anonymous gifts to everyone. Sajid’s gift was the first to be called out and he opened it immediately and got to try out his cap!


Here’s a rare group photo we managed to catch with everyone gathered in front of the Christmas tree. Let’s see if I can remember everyone’s name, L-R: Ting, Irina, Aimee, Nick, Pavel, Peter, Sheela, Rogan, Sajid, Aaron, Merwyn, Isaac, Anne and Nithya.


This was the nicest group photo with everyone looking at the camera but too bad my flash was not switched on so the original photo was slightly dark especially with Sajid down below, so I fixed it up with Snapseed.



Aimee was really kind to offer to take a photo of the group with me in it, and yea some people were not ready yet and Rogan was way out the door already. I look awful here too so oh well!


With co worker, Pavel, my very lovely and smiley face tutor/boss Aimee, and the very relaxed and friendly Sajid. The Achieve Accountants team!

Although most people only got 1 gift, I got two gifts!! I don’t know who the notebook was from but it was a very useful gift really, I just ran out of notebook this morning! And the other gift was pretty obviously from Aimee and I know she was very anxious to see me open it but she was busy doing some other things and Sajid kept pushing me to open the gifts already. So she didn’t get to see the excitement in my eyes when I saw the nice body lotion and shower cream that smelled so good! Of course, the first thing I thought was, why do I always get stuck with purple colored stuff? But still, it was a really nice gift and so sweet of Aimee too. I am just wondering how do I thank her? Or should I make her know it was her? Hmm.. here I go again with the social interaction phenomena..

Sajid tried to guess who was his secret Santa and I told him if the gift was a good gift, then I’d claim that I was the secret Santa. He didn’t say it was awesome, which I think considering he is probably not much of a “Cap” person, but he said it was very useful for summer and that was exactly what I was thinking when I got him the cap. So at least it served its purpose! Thank You Lord for the gift idea!

Yippee!! A photo of me standing next to the Christmas tree.. Holiday feels y’all!





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