‘Nandos’ Bonding with Regina :) #spiritualFamily

Spontaneous bonding session! Regina is one of the Pinoy ladies I met from Every Nation church and who also arrived in NZ not long ago. She just got a new job as a nurse and we’ve always seen each other around in church and among groups of friends but never got to hang out with one another much. Today she invited me to meet up with another Vietnamese friend of hers but at the last minute the friend canceled. So we just made it a quick dinner catch up just the two of us.

Because she has been standing in front of the Nandos restaurant opposite the Aotearoa Square for some time while waiting for me to arrive, she started craving for it and so that became our dinner destination. It looked new and I think it must be since there was another Nandos restaurant down the other side of the road. I thought I was going to bump into my Ukranian classmate Sergii here since he works in Nandos but nope, he wasn’t there.

I ordered a quarter chicken Grande meal which came with a side order of Peri Peri Chips and a 600ml drink. I went with L&P and when the chicken arrived, I must say I was very disappointed at how tiny the chicken thigh was. So saaad. And this whole meal for $14.90 ? I can get $6.00 with twice as much chips at the Kebab store down the street from my flat. Urgh.


Aaaaanyway, nothing to rave about the food, spicy wasn’t as spicy as we get back home of course. The whole point of the dinner was just to get to know my sister in Christ more, hear her stories and how God has been faithful to her and granting her favor for the new job she has. Talked about her bridging course for nursing and also talked about our faith and our church in general. I like having one on one moments like this where I can be real and talk about deep stuff that bothers my soul and I don’t have to feel awkward about it cos we know it is only by God’s grace that we are where we are today. And she’s such a sweetie and got such a nice smiley face and is really warm and welcoming. Makes it easier for people like me who don’t open up or trust people easily to trust them and let them into my “circle of trust”. Hehehehe..


We started our dinner probably around 7pm and was done by a little over 8pm. She still had to take a bus back to the North Shore so didn’t want to keep her for too long.

Thank You Lord for Regina!


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