Choir and Worship Practice. #ENAC #SpiritualWhānau #singing

Woot Woot!! Exams are finally OVER!! And the holiday season and vacation mode officially begins! Although I’m not quite sure if I am expected to do my internship and volunteer throughout this vacation season but let’s see what my boss says.

So yesterday I got a text asking if I would like to join the Christmas production Choir group, and how could I say no to singing harmoniously in a choir right? And good thing their rehearsals start at night because that’s when my exams are over with! I got to attend and experience music ministry practice here in Every Nation Auckland for the very first time.


As all music ministry goes, they have their own culture, and one thing that’s a common culture in all music ministry is that they hardly start on time. I arrived at the Church Office down Wellesley Street around 7pm on the dot, or maybe about 2 minutes late at the most, and they were just setting up the keyboard and drum set.

Another thing I find here that they do differently is that the vocals will first practice separately in another room while the band does the practice on their own. Then once the vocals are done, we gather back together and sing with the band. Good way of being organized too in a sense. I remember practicing in the Philippines and the vocals always end up waiting while the band figure out the keys and sort themselves out. This separate session gives us full focus on just vocals.


We rehearsed Chandel’s newly composed song titled Glorious King and it sounds really beautiful. Not gonna post a video here just yet, at least until after they have premiered it in the Christmas service. Hehehehehe..



And I don’t think I can remember everyone’s names but I think I was introduced to everyone just as Pam but we didn’t do the “going around saying everyone’s names” like how they would do it in the Philippines though.



I have to say, it was a productive session, at least for the singers as we got to practice 1 new song, with full harmony, and also 1 carol “O Holy Night”, the Mariah Carey version, so not a lot of singing for that because more solos here so we just did some back up vocals here and there. So I’d say it doesn’t really sound much like a choir but I guess this will have to do, for a practice that will only go for 2 sessions! I guess they must be pretty confident about getting it right on the day even without much practice so the musicians must be really good!

We wrapped up around 9:45pm so it wasn’t as long as I thought we were going to take but then we didn’t manage to practice another song though so it was mostly an almost 3 hour session of practice but we only worked on 2 songs. I’m not sure if the musicians covered more songs but yea, I was kinda surprised we weren’t able to cover more.

Aaaaaanyway, how was exam you say? Well, the questions were as expected, but I would have to say, towards the end I was a bit panicky cos I thought I was not going to have enough time to finish everything. I even missed out on a part where I was suppose to do a comparison for Ratios with the previous year figures and I had to go back at the end to add some notes and explanation for that. Other than that, I didn’t manage to get back to checking if my calculations were correct, and I was stuck at one point with Bank Reconciliation (kept thinking over and over if I got the plus and minus right) and I still don’t know if I got it right. Well, ain’t nothing I can do about it now, it’s over!

I also believe this is one of the most unpleasant exam experiences ever. We were given the choices to take whichever seats we wanted as long as we were not seated beside our fellow classmates so there wasn’t a pre-arranged seating, and I regretted the fact that I chose to sit at perhaps the second to the last row. I was annoyed and a few times distracted by some other students from another course subject that were trying to cheat, and making lots of movements from their seats. The guy sitting behind me was terrible, he didn’t even bring a pen to an exam! I don’t understand why the college won’t just report these undisciplined and irresponsible students to the immigration and just deport them back to their home country if they are not serious about doing well and being a good alien here. Tsk!

I was glad about one other thing though. Just last night before going to bed, I managed to make a song or melody or tune out of an accounting theory sentence. I remember answering the 2 marks question and singing the song in my head,

~an investor controls and investee when the investor~ is exposed to or has rights to variable returns~ from its involvement~ with the investee~ and has the ability to affect those returns~ through its power over the investee~

I sometimes amaze myself at how creative I can get with studying methods. Hehehehehe…


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