All the way from the US of A!


Snail Mail!!!!

Nothing beats a nostalgic feeling like getting mails in the post box. Awww.. Kevin and Grace are just really kind and thoughtful. God willing, one day I get to visit them in the States too :-p

Don’t mind the white smeared addresses as it’s meant for security purposes against, ahem ahem..

What a nice little holiday wish and greetings the old fashioned way, and I love it! Here’s Kev and Grace’s message for me,

Hi Pam, Since things are getting pretty chilly here, they must be warming up south of the equator. I’m so glad you’re able to pursue something new and experience a new place. May your holidays be full of cheer and may the new year bring you every blessing. Take Care, Kev & Grace.

Isn’t that sweet? I definitely need to start writing more snail mails too and I’m even considering maybe I should start collecting stamps again!

I’ve added the card up to my “inspiration” wall, cos the card is just so adorable right with birds with hats perched on branches. So cute bah!



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