Catching up with the Whānau. #family #skype #ldr


It’s been a while since I last Skyped with the girls. With the girls being at school all the time, and myself in my lectures too. There is hardly time that we can find to actually get everyone together and try to bridge the gap/distance.

Thankfully, it’s the school holiday season now, and the girls are just at home. I am also at home, again, supposedly studying for my paper on Wednesday, but I am hardly the studious type that just sticks my nose on the books all day. I spent at most about 3 hours on doing some calculations and reviews and exercises, then I had a very late lunch at almost 3:30pm before deciding I should stop the studies and relax my mind. Chat with Lauren on Skype too before my flatmate got back from her vacation in Christchurch and she started chatting me up.

It wasn’t until late in the evening around 8pm before my sister managed to give me a call on Skype and I got to see the fam bam (well, except for the brother in law who is at work).

Talked to the girls, or at least tried to. I mean, teenagers! When have they ever been interested in talking to adults right? I really miss the smaller version of them, like 6 or 7 years old. But yea, I did try. Asked them about what their plans for the holidays were, asked them about their best friends and what they talked to their friends about, you know, trying to find something I could relate to them about. Ended up talking about Chloe’s Minecraft games and other games that she’s been playing, and also talked to Dan and Tabi about Justin Bieber. Yup, I had to resort to that, I mean like what else can we talk to teenagers about? Life? Future? I mean I used to be a teenager and I hated it when adults talked to me about the future!

So yea, I didn’t want to torture them and released them of their obligations after a while and just talked to my sister about more heart to heart stuff. Wasn’t long though because the internet signal started to get really lousy and poor we had to abruptly end our conversation. But it was also getting pretty late here by then. The whole Skype conversation probably took us almost 2 hours. So it was a good long catch up session.

I guess I am in a long distance relationship again….

…with my whānau of course. 🙄


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