Final ANTM Season!

And what a way to close the show. A deaf model! Congratulations Nyle Dimarco!


I actually haven’t been following the reality show for quite some time now since I had very limited access to cable TV. The last few seasons that I still recall the winners and some of my favorites were Naima and Eva. And it wasn’t until I saw some footage of the show’s finale that I realized that one of the top 4 contestants looked very familiar.


That’s right! It’s Garrett from Switched at Birth season 5! Aaaawww.. he got another gig aside from already catching my eye on this tv show! He is really good looking though.


Well, very happy for him to have won the contest, and not only because he really is good looking, but also because of who he represents, and the deaf society should be recognized. I myself feel inclined to learn ASL after following Switched at Birth from season 1. Can’t wait to finally get off school and enroll for a class to learn sign language for real!

*Disclaimer! photos were all taken from online search like Tumblr and the first photo was from Nyle’s FB page.


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