Last Connect Group gathering for the year! #ENAC #SpiritualFamily

Yupp, it’s the year end, and everyone would probably be busy with Christmas play rehearsals, parties, activities and vacations. So this night was the last time our connect group would gather and meet up and study the bible and share our faith stories to one another before this year ends.

This time we had our gathering at the Hub, or the church office which is only 5 minutes walk away from my flat and aside from the bigger space that we get, we didn’t have to pay for food just to use the space! We also had 3 visitors from Every Nation Christchurch join us tonight. Ate Bea’s nephew and his two friends are in town so Kristine and Herbert had to lead the group in full on English language which is nice really for a change. Hahahaha.

Here’s Kuya Alfred and his selfie stick. Group photo after the bible study and pizza!


Then as we end the night and go outside around 10pm, we were greeted with a very pleasant view of the Christmas color lighted Sky Tower!


How can we resist taking a photo of such a nice scenery?


First, the men starts posing.


Then the ladies get to have a photo too, with the visitors as well! This shot made our face a little dark and lighting was not so good. So I had to tweak it a bit. This one below looks better I reckon!


Thank You Lord for this spiritual family!


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