Belated Birthday Gift from Ate Bea and Kuya Alfred. #spiritualFamily

I got a little surprise today when I got to church! Ate Bea gave me a little package for my belated birthday. Awww.. so thoughtful of her!


TBH, when I saw the Sunglass Hut paperbag, I was almost hoping it would be sunnies since Summer is near and I don’t have a pair of good shades yet for the blaring sun.  But no, not shades, at least not this time 😜


The paper bag also comes with a birthday message for me from Ate and Kuya.

Psalm 33:4

For the word of the Lord is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.

Happy Birthday, Pam! May the joy in you be filled by the Holy Spirit as the Lord unfold and reveal to you His sovereign will. ❤ Ate Bea & Kuya Alfred


Inside the paper bag, a red L’oreal make up bag! See? Already liking it because its a brand I normally use and I like the color red!


But wait, there’s more inside the make up bag! Rose Hip hand cream, Kimmidoll Soap that comes with a pendant and a Fridge magnet! How nice!


The Kimmidoll soap is a Vanilla Orchid triple mild soap and comes with the “Kyoka” doll. The “happiness” themed doll. So sweet!


Thank You Lord for the surprise Gift and for Ate Bea and Kuya Alfred’s kindness and thoughtfulness! 🙌


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