The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2


Finally! Finally! Finally! Waited a whole YEAR to find out what happens next!

I wanted to watch this on my birthday, the day it came out in the cinemas here in Auckland. But God had a surprise for me, and gave me an internship instead, which came in good timing as well. I wanted to watch it the day after turning 33, but the weather was not very motivating. It was rainy and I felt like just going home and relaxing after quite a productive week. And when today came, I was still contemplating if I should push this movie aside to the next week, the weather was cloudy and rainy again today, but I managed to push my lazy butt out of the door and go catch this movie and get it done and over with!

Did a few things before reaching the cinema too, got some groceries, returned library books, more retail therapy as well (I can never NOT spend anything when I go to Japan home, GOSH!). I wanted to get myself a birthday gift that I have been eye-ing for weeks now, the Ukulele with the NZ Flag on it, but I went to at least 3 music stores and they ran out of stock, didn’t realize that was such a hit. Bummer. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next time they have stock for that.


Ok, back to the Mockingjay. I loved that it was a happy ending (sorry for the spoiler) but I will say it again and again, any movie that has a happy ending, get’s extra points from me. It was sad at some parts where some characters that we have grown to love had to die, but I guess as long as the main character of the story doesn’t die, its all good? There were moments though that I thought, how the heck they are getting out of this mess this time?? And there was one part too where I thought it was ridiculously crazy how they managed to dodge every bullet! And suddenly creatures from under the sewers?? Ok that was a bit over the top. But I just love the relationship between Peeta and Katniss. I’m just a sucker for sweet and adorable things, even couples.

And of course, there were moments that were very predictable, especially the execution of President Snow part. Like duh! Who couldn’t have seen that coming? But yea, alls good.. hehehehehe

So I am glad I finally get to the end of this Hunger Games saga, and unlike Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, I think I wouldn’t mind watching this saga all over again even if I just recently watched it already.


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