Pizza Treat! #belatedbirthday #spiritualFamily #ENAC #CityHarmony


Attended the Encounter Worship and Prayer night at The Hub, Every Nation Auckland Central office around 7pm. I was late really, it was suppose to start around 6:30pm but I guess I sort of took it for granted that The Hub was so near like 5 minutes away, and I didn’t expect people to start on time. I mean, 6:30pm was a really weird time to start any event, I thought they did it just cos they expect people to arrive at 7pm. Ooops, guess I was wrong!

Worship and Prayer night was just wonderful, lots of worship and singing praises to God, basking in His presence, drawing near to Him and just prayers and sharing of testimony. It was a small gathering of the spiritual family and not a big crowd, just cozy enough to fit about 30-40 of us.

The program ended at about 8:40pm, and then the rest of the City Harmony people were asked to stay back because we would be celebrating the November babies with Pizza! Yay! I was actually already thinking that I’d cook rice when I get home after the program for dinner. Yahooo! Free food!



Gay got Pizzas from The Pizza Club down at Eliott Street. Butter Chicken flavored pizza! The dough was nice and soft and fluffy! I thought the butter chicken tasted a bit like how Indian cuisines normally have spices in them, so I wasn’t a big fan of too much of it (although I think I had about 3 to 4 slices), but yeah, I might want to try out their other flavors when I get the chance to next time. According to Gay, one box cost about 15 dollars! Pricey but it was good pizza though.


They even got us Cheesecake! Sponge Cheesecake that is, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. The cream was not oily and it tasted really light and fresh. Candid shots of everyone going for the food!


Of course, we had to sing the birthday song first before that. More candid shots Kathleen took of the birthday girls (including yours truly) singing along!


With Abby, Gay and myself, the November babies. Although it was also Jayne’s birthday but she couldn’t join us for the night. Our birthdays are practically next to each other. Me on the 19th, then Gay on 20th, Jayne on 21st and Abby about a little after a week, on the 29th. It’s also Gay’s final farewell before she goes back to the Philippines for now, since she has completed her Post graduate studies for about 1 year and 6 months.


Group photo! Adrian holding the camera though, we should’ve gotten more group photos but I think everyone was kinda hungry at the time and just wanted to get the photos done and over with so we could dig in!

Praise God for my spiritual family!







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