Thirty Three.

Started the day with a Subway Breakfast and then along the way to college for my internship day two, I dropped by the Fondue Café at Auckland City Hotel and got myself two slices of Carrot Cake. I was going for the brownies really, but the cute guy who makes them brownies, Jerome, says that they weren’t ready yet. Aww.. next time then. For now, the carrot cakes will have to do. And I even gave one slice to my boss/tutor Aimee and she commented that it was good and so did my colleague Pavel! So it’s really good!


I know, what am I doing with a photo of an almost finished Subway takeaway sandwich right? I was just so hungry and excited to try the avocado extra that I ordered to go along with my ham and cheese flatbread sandwich I forgot to take a photo. So here’s what’s left of it, and better than nothing right? Nyeh.

Of course, I could have Carrot cake as part of my breakfast, it’s my birthday! And though you can see bits and pieces of actual carrot on the cake, I thought they could do with more cream cheese icing. It tasted good, but I think it could be better, it was slightly on the dry side but will have to do for now. I mean really, it was like a 7 out of a perfect score of 10 I’d say. But Jerome was cute, so maybe I’d give him an extra .5 for that! hahahahaha


Wow. Very flattering photo of myself with double chin and looking to devour that carrot cake! Oh 33, you’re just too cool for school XD


We sort of celebrated another person’s birthday in the office too, it was the big boss’s birthday a few days ago and the office staff bought two cakes, a green tea cake and a mango cake to celebrate. We just had a quick gathering and I got to shake hands and meet with the director Isaac. But of course, being the newbie and shy me, I didn’t tell people it was my birthday too. So I would’ve taken a photo with the cake, but it would be too weird. Plus, I was more concerned with how I was going to calculate the P.A.Y.E account for some company’s employees.

Everyone was busy with their own lunch, and I took mine at 12:30pm and went off down to that Food Court at Albert Street. It was only my second time there and my first was on the first day I arrived in Auckland city. Wow, 3 months sure went by fast yet feels like it’s been a long time. The price of the meals here ranged from 10 dollars and above but the serving was quite large though. I was so stuffed by the time I was done with my curry laksa! It was a Malaysian Noodles stall but was operated by Vietnamese. How strange but still kudos for making curry laksa taste authentically Malaysian!



After going back to the office/college by 1:20pm, I was quickly tasked to do a lot of other things I didn’t expect to do really. I didn’t expect to be given so much things to handle where instructions were not even clear and you just have to try and figure it out sometimes. I try as much as I can not to ask too many questions, especially stupid ones, cos my colleague looks like he’s got lots on his plate and I felt kinda bad for taking up his time!

The rest of the afternoon went by pretty quickly when you are occupied with looking through receipts, filings and checking on accounts but I guess I liked that the time flew by really quickly. And then it was time to go celebrate!

Met up with the sweet Noelin for dinner at a Ramen Place by Lorne Street called Mentatz! It’s been a while since we last caught up and I wanted a one to one time with her to get to know her more. The last two times we got together it was always with her family and so it was nice to just talk to her and get to know who Noelin is.

We ended up talking about music, movies, Sabah, and her 2 years in London, and talked about marriage and kids, and that’s when we talked about age, and I wanted to be sure she was my age and then I ended up telling her it was my birthday (X-P) and she insisted that dinner was on her!


Then for more catching up and just talk and hang out at a Taiwanese bubble tea and shaved ice dessert place just a few blocks away from the Ramen house. It was also her treat and since we were both so stuffed from the ramen place, we just shared a bowl of cold Herbal Jelly and Taro with red beans dessert. It was a pretty big bowl really and just good enough for two 🙂


Didn’t take too long and just talked for a little bit more before we decided it was time to head home. By that time, it was almost 9pm! I mean, how fast did the time go from 6:45pm to 9pm?!

This was my birthday attire. My gosh I look like a granny with those glasses huh? I was in a hurry really to get that shot because the elevator door was opening as it stopped. I still really dig my coral tee though 😉


Oh come on Google, you can do better than using an Old Birthday doodle for the same one again two years in a row?!


I also got a really pleasant surprise from my sisters in Christ back in the Philippines. The “To Wit” girls made me a birthday video!! Awww.. I can’t say how much I am so blessed by this group of ladies. Their prayers, their fellowship, their support and encouragement just amazes me at how God sets up divine appointments. I love these people!!

I initially wanted to go climb a short hill or mountain again this year to celebrate my old age, but nothing of that sort was near enough for me to do in a day trip. I even considered going up to Rangitoto Island which was really just a volcanic island and not very high but I read that you could see the whole Auckland city from there. Then the internship came up, and I guess that was good for me anyway, so no hike this year, but will definitely try to plan one for my thirty fourth!

Thank You Lord for 33 years. You’ve been so faithful, and I so don’t deserve Your love, but You do love me! It’s mind blowing! And I thank You for who You are..

Isaiah 49:16 (NIV)

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.


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