French Milk by Lucy Knisley.


Finally finished reading this cute graphic novel by cartoonist Lucy Knisley. Loved that the novel was about Paris and despite it being a comic book technically, there’s quite a lot of word to read too. Which I suppose is the reason it took me some time to finish.


Her art work is relaxed, simple and adorable! Makes me feel like I can totally relate to her. If I were a cartoonist, this is the kind of work I’d like to be known for too!

Its one of those “feel good” kind of story and I also really liked the “journal”/”diary” style of the story. And I really learned a lot about Paris from just reading her comics! It’s also very awesome of her to use lots of French word too!

Real sad to hear about what’s going on in France 2 days ago with all the terrorist attacks and I guess it sort of prompted me to finish the book as a tribute to the French.

All seriousness aside, I think I am being a bit too ambitious with all these books I borrowed from the library. I have 6 books and 4 comics to finish reading. Hopefully I can manage to finish them before the due date in about 2 weeks!



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