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November 14, 2015

Women’s Freedom Weekend Day 2. #SpiritualFamily #ENAC

Day 2 of another amazing session! Learned so much from some of the ladies here from Every Nation Auckland Central and it was just another day where I kept tearing up at different sections and areas that was worked on.

I don’t even know where to begin. There’s just so many things I thought was so helpful and a reminder that we can be free from so many of the things that are holding us down and hindering my relationship with Jesus. I have to admit it wasn’t hard to let go of some of the issues that I was holding on to. Like self condemnation, self pity and self hatred. I may not look it, but I don’t think very highly of myself. I even have a name tag I call myself, I’m the Jackie of all trades and Master of none.

We dealt with issue of relational dysfunction and what forgiveness is and is not. Wow, at that point while Chrissie was talking about it I keep reflecting in my mind if I had any unforgiveness or bitterness towards anyone and someone did come to mind and I had to let that go at the end of that session. I had to move on.

I also especially enjoyed the session where Chandel shared about Freedom from Spiritual Errors and the false gospels and false religions. Wow that girl really knows her stuff. I still can’t get over how she can be goofy and an introvert at the same time. Also I don’t get how her talking voice is so low and yet her singing voice can reach high notes.

She also talked about some things that were very useful and helped me understand why some Yoga positions are considered ungodly because they invite spiritual forces through those positions. So switch to Pilates ladies! And I also took the time to talk to her more at the end of the whole seminar and asked her about cults and she showed me how those cults talk about Jesus, and yet considered Him only 100% God and not in flesh and she even showed me an example in John 1:1 of how just 1 added word of “a God” made the difference in their teachings.¬†One point that struck me the most when we were talking about this topic was about how we should study the Word to know Jesus, and not to learn religious facts. (John 5:39)

Kylie then spoke about Identity and what God thinks about me. And it was just beautiful. As she was speaking and sharing, she was choking up tears and I was also tearing up, I could so relate to it. The depression and the feeling that I am not good enough, and what society’s ideas of standards. She also mentioned about how God’s standards become so high that we cannot reach for it and that is why God Himself came down to us and reached out to us first.

It was just so much information and I think I got a bit overwhelmed too at the end of the session. but overwhelmed in a good way. Although, I know in my mind, all through out the session I was battling my own battles in my head, the enemy still putting lies in my thoughts and saying all sort of things to make me doubt myself and telling me I’m not good or holy enough. Urgh! Get out of my thoughts you devil!


We started the session from 9:30am and ended the whole program by 4:00pm. It was wonderful indeed aside from the negative thoughts that keep popping into my head throughout the time. At the end of the session, we even got goodie bags to take home!


It’s the Freedom Survival Kit! And other stuffs too! Notebooks, chocolates, energy bar, Starbucks coupon, hand warmer and fragrance for drawers! So nice of them!



The Freedom Survival Kit comes with :-

toothpick, to always pick out the good qualities in others

tissue, to wipe away tears of joy & sadness

band aid, to heal hurt feelings, mine or others

eraser, to start everyday with a clean slate even when we make mistakes

button, to button my lip when needed

rubber band, to be flexible especially to follow and change according to God’s will and not my own plans

tea bag, to take time out to relax & de-stress

paper clip, to stick together with spiritual family

candle, to let my faith shine for all to see

and pen to list my blessings everyday!


You are so awesome God! Thank You for this spiritual family!