Women’s Freedom Weekend. #spiritualFamily


Attended the Freedom Weekend Seminar for ladies this evening. It’s kind of like the Victory Weekend sessions back in the Philippines, but its nice to be able to refresh my mind and remind myself of what Jesus did on the cross and what that meant for us.


Day one seminar booklet!


Pastor Chrissie starting off the session and talking about what is the purpose of the Freedom weekend. Mainly to establish spiritual foundations, to experience spiritual freedom and encourage spiritual fruitfulness.

I think out of the 4 chapters we did today, Chapter 3 struck me the most when we talked about The Cross, and the speaker, Malaia a Maori lady that I see around church every time spoke very gently (despite looking like someone who is loud), but had so much depth in her explanation and delivery of What God did for us. She talked about the physical suffering Jesus endured and relate that to the scripture in Ephesians 6:12-18 when it spoke about the armor of God and how each piece of armor, was directly a reflection of the whipping on the back, the crown of thorns (helmet of salvation), the nails from His hands and feet, and the spear through His side. Wow, I was really blessed by her message and even more so by her testimony of how she came to surrender her life to Jesus.

After going through the 3 chapters, we broke into smaller groups and got to know other people and also talked a bit about our background and how we got to know Christ. I didn’t even realize it but I went ahead and poured my whole life out to my group of strangers, people I hardly knew and told them all about my crazy ride in life for the past 32 years in 10 minutes. Crazy!!!

But I must say the worship was amazing. I don’t know if it was all our voices gathered together and the echos of the hall, but it was just beautiful. Despite Chandel being a bit off key with the keyboard and guitar at times, the singing and our voices lifted up to our Heavenly Father, the God most high, wow.. I was just .. I don’t know how to express it.. His presence was there..and I really needed Him at that point.. Thank You Lord for this spiritual family!


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