Cornwall Park, One Tree Hill

Spent the Sunday afternoon just chilling with Audrey P and her larger family group at the Cornwall Park, at One Tree Hill, just beside the playground. She came to pick me up from church after service and we got to the park around 1:30pm.

We got a really good spot with the picnic table very close to the playground and also close to the toilet as well. Very convenient!

Finally got to meet up with Audrey’s mom, who back in the day was so accommodating to the group of us girls who would go to Audrey’s house to hang out. She’s just as sweet as I remembered her, and I also got to meet all of Audrey’s siblings except for the youngest brother who couldn’t come and join the family since he was at work all night.



Audrey’s mother cooked some fried noodles, while Audrey brought some spring rolls. Other siblings chipped in with Pizzas, Fruits and drinks so it was just a simple lunch picnic where everyone just sat around and chill and bathed in the sun.


I chatted up a bit with Audrey’s younger sister, Sharon and she was very sociable and nice to talk to. Most of the other times I just observed and listened to their conversations about Rachel’s pregnancy and when the baby would come out, and they also talked about Secret Santa gifts, very family topic. And I would notice that most of the times, the conversation would circle around the siblings themselves while their other halves were either busy with baby G, or just sun bathing and talking among each other.


Part of the agenda was giving baby G all the attention she wanted. Since she was the only toddler around, everyone wanted a piece of her. They even found other ways to entertain and amuse her like taking her in a ride in a wagon, and also giving her bread pieces so she could feed the pigeons with them.



Here’s a quick shot of Audrey and I with everyone else blurred at the background. I didn’t expect the day to pull through cos I figured I might be late by the time I figure out how to commute there. But thankfully Audrey was so kind enough to pick me up and give me a ride to join them. I just have the most kindest friends!


We didn’t spend too long there, just about the right amount of time. It started to get a bit chilly by 4pm so we ended the little picnic by 4:30pm and Audrey dropped me home just a little before 5pm. What a pleasant afternoon indeed. Thank You Lord!


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