iZombie the Graphic Novel.

Have I mentioned how awesome Auckland Libraries is??? I been wanting to get my hands on the iZombie comic since the first time I heard about the TV Series and saw a copy of the comic back in Philippines. I kept stopping myself from getting them cos they were pricey and not much of a need but it was more on the bottom of my wants list.

And then I met Auckland Libraries. Then I fell in love.


I get to borrow the graphic novel for free! I mean, if I end up not liking it, at least I am not stuck with a comic I didn’t like right? It’s even better than being in a relationship honestly >.<


I was looking for the similarities of the TV show and the comic and how much of the comic was depicted in the show. So far, instead of being a coroner’s assistant, she works in the grave. Now since I have only finished the first book, (and I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books in the series as well, waiting on my request to the Auckland Libraries!) I am not sure if she will eventually change careers in the comic but I guess I will find out then. Aside from that, the comic isn’t just about zombies, it also included other creatures like the vampires, the werewolves, etc. So it was really broad and I am curious to see how it pans out at the end. So far I am really liking the stories, the creativity and yes, of course, the arts. I always love a good story though.

The novel stated a pretty interesting theory about “souls” and they types of souls whether they are “under”souls or “over”souls which led to the types of creatures like ghosts, poltergeists, vampires, etc etc. What a genius idea! Now if I could go back to Halloween and if I didn’t have exams to worry about, I probably would go as Liv Moore from the TV version of iZombie or even Gwen, the comic version. That would’ve been my costume and it would’ve been so cool!


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