Connect Group at Suh’s Charcoal Fire BBQ. #ENAC #koreancuisine

We didn’t meet up for bible study at Jayne and Leo’s this week. Instead, we went here! Suh’s Charcoal Fire BBQ down at Queen’s St.

Now I must say I am not very familiar with Korean cuisine, and don’t have much encounter with them aside from Shin RamYun instant noodles and KimChi, so when I got there, everyone else already had food so I had to keep up and just ordered the easiest thing I know, Bibimbap!

Except the waitress asked if I’d like it with a hot plate or a regular bowl. And I think, whats the difference? Well, this is the difference. Hot plate comes in the hot black clay bowl and the egg is served raw with only yolk and no egg white. The regular bowl they serve the egg sunny side up. Hm, doesn’t make much a difference anyway.


So here’s the bowl served with the 4 side dishes which I only enjoyed the kimchi and the bean sprouts. The seaweed was too yucky for me and the potatoes were too sweet. And this cost $10. 👍 Taste wise it was a bit bland and not spicy enough, I think I have tasted better bibimbap than this but its alright.


The city harmony family seated around the area where we get to look like we are sitting like the Koreans do on really low dining tables, but really we can just hide our legs under the table.


Kuya Jonathan led the group today and was well prepared too I must say. He even started off with a video presentation about discipleship which I think he took off the internet but still a very good video presentation. I really enjoyed the video. Although, honestly speaking I am not a very good disciple because I don’t disciple others very well. I’m quite aware I am guilty of that, and need to do better. Especially since I sometimes get too comfortable being alone that I can’t even pass the first requirement/principle of discipleship, which is to ENGAGE people. Urgh.


We finished our bible study around 10pm and the restaurant was already starting to close up. But just before we head out, we just had to take a group photo with this beautiful art piece behind us! L-R: Leo, Jayne, Joy, Jaycel, Gay, Chichi, Kristin, Jonathan, Ate Bea, Herbert, and with Laarni and Kuya Alfred beside me.


Thank You Lord for a pleasant night with my spiritual family! I am truly blessed. Gomabseubnida ~!!


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