Post exam Shopping.

Because there was no electricity in the apartment, I had no choice but to go outside. And outside I did, with my bank card happy to see the sunlight and swipe away… urgghhh

I had to go out because I felt like I was trapped inside the house without power, without Internet. I feel even more disconnected with the world (although most of the time I really am disconnected emotionally) if all I did was stay home and do nothing but read and have no internet. Although I already did that yesterday after coming home from the mid terms, that was enough for now.

So out into the world I went, with some agenda as well, it’s not like I went out without any purpose or goals. By the time I left the apartment, it was already 10am. Pretty late start to the day but I was in no rush anyway, unless the power in the apartment came back on. I took a quick bite from Subway, headed straight to the library to return some books, then off to the post office and sent an overdue snail mail for my sister. Then down queen street I went, window shopping and just looking around for good deals and sale that I could spend money on.

First thing I bought was actually a replacement. A replacement for the lens cap I lost on my trip to Rotorua last September. It was not a very big camera shop, so it only sold certain limited items but thankfully, they sold the size of the lens that I had on my Lumix, the last one on display as well. Kaching! $24.95 gone.


At least my lens is protected now. It really bugged me that my lens was always exposed and I kept worrying if I would accidentally scratch them lens. Now I just need to worry about losing this lens cap, again.

After getting out of the camera shop, I started noting down my own “Wish list” or “Want” list. One of them was a fish eye lens. By golly that was super expensive. The one they sold in the shop cost $1065!!! Craay cray for me to get one now but hopefully someday.

Then I also hopped in to Cotton On and Supre just to find some nice loose top/tee for daily casual wear but I didn’t find any that I liked and was value for money at the same time. Finally I ended up at Downtown shopping mall and dropped in to this shop I always saw before going up the escalator to Warehouse, I think its call “Postie”. Nothing much I personally liked, it was a lot of plus size clothing which I think my mom would so enjoy it here. But then I saw this sweater-Tee for $14 and I liked that its blue and the print text says “J’adore Mon Chat” which I can proudly say I know it says “I love my cat” in French even without checking Google Translate! I know I don’t own a cat now, but I am a cat person anyway and if I did have a cat, that’s a shirt I would definitely have in my closet.


Tried it out and though I would’ve preferred just one size larger (this one was XS btw) I guess I could work with this one. So I got it anyway.


And since I was already there in Downtown, how could I not stop by my all time favorite go to store? Warehouse! It’s where most of the good deals and cheap stuff are but not all the time though. You have to catch them at a good time, and that’s why it’s important to keep up to date with their offers and sales.


I actually saw this black knit top with chiffon under it and really liked it a few weeks back and almost bought it but it was not on sale at the time so I ditched it. Until today, it’s one size larger, a 14 instead of what I would normally go for, a size 12, but it was going for only $12. After trying it out and thinking really hard (cos I knew I needed variety in my wardrobe, there’s just too much dark colors) but finally deciding that I so desperately needed another top already aside from my leopard print one. Only to find out later from my receipt, it only cost 6 dollars! Score!!!


And what is this you say? Well, that’s just my impulse buying taking over me. I was doing fine with a plastic bowl we have in the apartment, but then I saw this glass bowl (microwave safe too) and thought, I need to have one of this. Not to mention it was on sale! From $4.00 it was down to $2.40 (even cheaper than Japan Home’s $3.00 per item deal and this has better quality too) so of course I was gonna buy that. I also considered that I needed an airtight container and them bumped into this Allyson Gofton jar and thought this would be great to put my powdered milk in, and it’s also on sale! Hooray! This was also only $2.40 so I say it’s a pretty good deal.


With all that done, I told myself I HAD to stop and head home quickly before I go crazy and start buying the whole store. Took all my strength to stop myself from wandering and looking at anything else so I headed out of the mall, straight to college to get my email password sorted out then checked my emails quickly then head home. Thank goodness the power was back by the time I got home at 3:30pm.

It had been only 5 hours plus out of the apartment and I felt like I was out forever because of all that spending. Phew! Ok, back to tightening my pockets now.


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