Sweet Valley Confidential. #bookwormwannabe

So my mid terms exam is finally over! Yaaaaaayyy!!! It was surely not perfect but I think it was alright. I am quite positively sure I would not fail it.

Back to my novel hoarding, when I got home from college, I found out that our flat had no electricity. It was very likely that since our flat had transferred to a new owner, the new owner didn’t work on our power bills. Urgh. Anyway, I just hand the issue over to my flatmate who is in charge. But nope, there was no power throughout the night but thankfully because it’s still spring, it was cold and didn’t affect me much aside from not being able to cook dinner or make hot drinks and I was kind of worried about all the food in the fridge. (I backdated this post btw when the power was back on the next day! yahoo!)

And since I didn’t have any internet, and wanted to save on my phone battery, I turned to the books I borrowed from the library. This time to actually read and finish up the book that I was given for Christmas last year but never got to reading it. Awww.. I miss Koya Msio hehehehehe (check out some throwback posts on this here and here!)


Sweet Valley Confidential : 10 Years Later – by Francine Pascal.

The Sweet Valley series is what really kicked off my reading interest. I was introduced to this author when I was about 10 years old, that was when I first got to befriend my childhood best friend Ams. She had a collection of Francine Pascal Sweet Valley Twins series and tweeners at that age, I mean who wouldn’t love a story about TWINS??


And I think its a genius idea to sell on the “twins” effect. The author even got it to a Sweet Valley High and University edition. If I’m not mistaken, they even managed to get a TV series going based on this fictional twins character but I guess it didn’t last long on TV.

So this is what I think of this book/story.

It didn’t start out interesting. It was a lot of backstory that only catched on later down the chapters. There was a lot of flashbacks from different character’s viewpoint. A little spoiler here, the twins seemed to have switched personalities. When I mean “switch” I mean that the usually good one turns rebel and the usually bad one ended up good? Whatever. You get what I mean.

It was interesting for me because I missed the “twins” effect. And yes, this “confidential” series has grown up, the twins are now 27 year old adults heading towards their 30s so I guess I was able to relate more or less. The characters also grew up because they now talk about social media, Facebook of course, and not to mention the 4 letter word, homosexuality and pre-marital sex. Urgh. This is so not right for series that I used to read back when I was 10 years old! But yea, I suppose it was a nice ride down memory lane, back to all the fictional characters I grew up loving.



I finished the book in just 1 sitting, and that sitting / lying-around-the-sofa-in-the-dark-with-just-a-book-light-on-because-there-is-no-electricity took about 5.5 hours.

Wow, even I am amazed at myself for being able to finish a 250+ pages novel in those few hours.

Achievement Unlocked! 3 books down, 9 more to go!



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