Current Obsession. #sugarhigh #sweettooth

Chocolate coated raisins never appealed to me as much as it did now. I have no idea why I crave this so much. I suppose it’s how the taste of raisins offsets the sweetness in pure milk chocolate that makes it so addictive and I just can’t stop popping these little munchkins into my mouth!


But really, how adorbs is that packaging??? A blond cowgirl with a transparent tummy full of chocolate raisins. Who could’ve thought of such a marketing strategy? And the color scheme got me there really, it’s full of all the “Cute” pastel themed colors. Best of all, its a “pams” brand. ~We were meant to be!~

I totally have an excuse for hoarding all that chocolate raisins. What with exams tomorrow (not to mention the pressure of having to score well coming from my tutor) and less than 15 hours on the clock for studying, I NEED them chocolates!! With raisins inside!!!


Now all I need in this photo above is to put coral blush on my round cheeks and change my hair color and I could be the ambassador for this product!


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