Got myself a new “boyfriend” 😜

“Boyfriend” jogger pants that is! At least that’s what it says on the labels.


I’m a cheapskate and don’t bother looking at brands (most of the time), and as I was eyeing at what new offers, deals and sales at the Warehouse this afternoon during lunch break, I caught this cutie at the display racks!


Since gaining some pounds and extra baggage around my waist lately, my “M” sized pants from Terranova (check it out on this post) that I bought and loved wearing so much, no longer fits me comfortably. I know people say the rule of thumb in not gaining more weight and maintenance is to not keep buying larger sizes and just exercise and watch what you eat, but I totally have the excuse right now. I’m a poor student! I gots to eat poor people food which is normally full of carbs and unhealthy so leave me alone! 😭

I even got this at a promotional price too! Label says $39.00 and I didn’t even realize that it was on sale cos I just loved how comfortable it looked and feel I just wanted to buy it before its all sold out. And whaddya know? It was $10 dollars off! Woohooo!!! Thank You Lord for discounts and awesome deals! 🙌


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