The Tiny Book of tiny stories.


So I am a sucker for cute stuff right, and also of graphic novels, arts, comics and anything that I can indulge and be entertained with my eyes. So when I noticed this little cute book in the city library, my eyes naturally sent a signal to my brain and from my brain sent a signal to my hand muscles to reach out for the book. I mean, look at the cover! Such a genius marketing technique to use “yellow” color to attract and the tiny little bunny ears and cute stuff on the cover, how can I NOT want to pick it up and bring it home?

Now I borrowed this book perhaps about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but knowing that its a book filled with more art and graphics which I can feed my eyes with instead of using my brain cells to process all those words, I took it for granted and left it aside until I felt the need to divert myself from other things. Leisure reading, right. So when I finished reading the romance novel, and I figured I’d return that book, I thought for practical reasons, I should read that tiny book and get it over with so I can return the book together.

My oh my, what I found out about this book. Firstly, I didn’t realize it was part of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s (cute actor from 500 days of summer, duh!) project and his name was on the cover and I didn’t even notice that when I first reached out for the book! Secondly, well, in conclusion is more like it, this book is so emo!


Look at one of the pages here, it kind of reminds me of a scene from 500 days of summer,

This overwhelming desire to be close to you directly conflicts with my intense fear of people.” -page 10-11



Then there’s another art work I think is generally oh-so-true,

Stranger than strangers are lovers estranged. – pg 34-35

It reminds me of a song by Tanya Chua 蔡健雅 where the title of the song is “Strangers” and in my mind I go “di ba??” (tagalog for “right??”)



Oh here’s another one that kind of made me chuckled, but sorry for the overly bright photo so you can’t see the image so clearly.

She had a great big heart but very little grace. Every time she fell in love she landed on her face. pg 86-87

Sounds like someone I know. Oh wait, was that me?


Here’s a super emo one. One I feel like I’m looking at the artwork and say, hey that little girl looks like me. And it says,

A n y w h e r e  b u t  h e r e .  .  .  – pg 100-101

Brings back memories of when I was a little girl maybe around the ages of 8 to 10 going through those emo stages where I felt like I hated who I was and wished I was someone else.


And this by far is the most emo one that I could relate to from the book,

When I die, let the dragonflies take me. -pg 110-111

Looking at that photo and you can’t help but say “aaawwwww…” 

Of course, I don’t want dragonflies to take me when I die. Unless they’re the transport system that takes me to Heaven then sure!

So yes, this book is pretty emo, but it’s also pretty cool. Filled with a collection of quotes and artworks that I am presuming comes from around the world or at least those who are connected to the project.

If you’re a fan of arts, in all forms and the likes, this would be a cool addition to your library (also perhaps cos Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name is on it). So go buy the book, or if you’re a cheapskate like me who takes full advantage of the awesome library system here in the city, go borrow it!


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