Getting to know the “real” Raj Koothrappali. #thebigbangtheory


Achievement Unlocked! Reading completed!!! “Yes, my accent is Real” by Kunal Nayyar, actor from Big Bang Theory tv series. I always wondered if the accent he has in the show was real, and this book made me understand that it is very likely that it was indeed his natural speaking accent!


I am not much of a reader/bookworm as I’d like to be, and because Visuals and moving things on screens are always more interesting and helps me remember things better, I hardly get motivated or have enough discipline to finish reading a book or novel.

So this is a real accomplishment for someone like me who doesn’t read much! Granted, it isn’t a very thick book, about 245 pages in total at a font size of probably 11 or 12 which was really easy on the eyes for me truthfully speaking. I guess it was this, and the fact that I was so curious to learn about the life of this actor Kunal Nayyar, and that there were pages that really made me laugh (I can hardly imagine how reading words could make me laugh and have fun as much as I do watching a tv comedy series) that helped me along and motivated me to finish the book so quickly!

And I suppose having free access to a wonderful library with a wide collection and variety of books also made me want to keep borrowing books and takr advantage of the free reading! I guess I was also hoping that doing all this reading would not only help me be a better writer but would also exercise my “reading muscles” and help me absorb information better. Borrowed this book about a 5 days ago and it took me about 4 hours to finish it after starting off on about 3 chapters two days ago!

If you’re a fan of the TV series Big Bang Theory, you’re gonna want to read this book, “Yes, my accent is real” which is also a very interesting book title that caught my attention really! Talks a lot about his life before landing the Raj Koothrappali role and about his Indian ethnicity. Very interesting take about culture from his point of view, and I especially enjoyed stories he told about his Father. What a great dad he has ☺


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