MYOB Field Trip! #studentlife

My tutors are absolutely the coolest and dopest tutors ever! They really care about us doing well in college and making sure we get exposure in our field of study. Thank You Lord for wonderful tutors like Amy & EP!

Instead of having our regular Accounting Software class today at 2pm, we get to go out of school and have a tour of one of the biggest Accounting Software companies there is here in NZ, MYOB.


Groufie in the bus ride on the way to MYOB office with my seat mate and classmate from Ukraine, Sergii and classmates from India, Udham and Arun behind us.


The MYOB office is up at Mt Eden, just about 10 minutes away from the city center. The bus charter was paid for by the school and the MYOB office is just so cool! The tour guide, who is also the marketing officer for MYOB said that the main theme of the office is based on the 4 seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer because of how in Auckland, you can get four seasons in a day. Cool theme! But best of all, the office has a lounge and entertainment area just next to the very big pantry/kitchen area with foosball table! It’s just so nice and comfy!


Unfortunately, the marketing guy said that it is quite unlikely that MYOB would hire junior accountants like us, especially when they create accounting software, they are more likely to hire IT people to develop their software and maintain them.

There were other speakers who talked to the group of about 20 of us, but most of the time about what their products are and how big the company is and how they operate. Our tutors were trying really hard to get some kind of partnership going with the school and MYOB to help with the students in terms of internship and industry exposure. Anyhow, my nose got all irritated and I wasn’t sure why, but it started to get all runny and congested so I couldn’t enjoy half way through the programme. I hate it when that happens.



We left the MYOB office at about 4:00pm and by the time we got settled back at college what with the messy classroom assignment and confusion and all, we only started our next lesson at 5pm.

It was certainly a nice exposure to see the MYOB office, although I was quite distracted by the marketing guy’s overuse of the word “as such” and “in terms of”. But it was all good aside from my agitated and congested nose. It’s always a good thing to be able to get away from sitting in a classroom and just listening to one person talk for hours!


Best of all, we got goodie bags! Some notepad, pens, keychain and highlight marker. Anything given for free is a good thing! 🙌


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