Trying to have green fingers. #gardening #planting #newHobby

I’ll be honest, growing up I never liked gardening. I hated even stepping on grass cos I was worried I might step on some dog poop or something. It just felt weird for me stepping on squishy soil. And with my mom being such a garden enthusiast, I normally take activities like that for granted.

Until recently, I realized how beneficial it is to grow my own vegetables, seeing how prices of vegetables in the supermarket are soaring high. It’s becoming farce! So I decided to give it a go.

Two weeks ago when Audrey Chin took me around, I got myself a starter plant, which my sister suggested. She’s quick to become a gardening pro as well, and I guess I got much of the inspiration and motivation from her too. Those plant starters are good cos it helps me to just continue the nurturing process and see them grow from their baby leaves.

This time, I decided I should start planting the seeds I bought from the dairy and from scratch.


Audrey Pang alsoย donated some plastic plant pot to me! Oh the blessings! Thank You Lord!


She even gave me some soil that she has hanging around her garage which she doesn’t use much.


Here’s the pack of Cos Lettuce seeds from Yates brand that I bought from the dairy. I read the instructions too and it seems I have lots of things missing. I didn’t get any fertilizer like the packet suggests so I will have to make do with this for now and let’s pray it will still grow well and healthy.


Look at those tiny seeds!!


I’ve put a little plastic label on the soil to note when I started planting this lettuce too. It’s now nicely placed beside my living room window so lets hope it gets enough sunshine to help it grow. I should be able to see some sprouts in two weeks! Wish me luck!


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