My First Pizza Party!


Joanne invited me to her home for a Pizza Party! I never heard of a Pizza Party before so it’s really nice to have experienced this for the first time. Arrived at the party around 4:30pm and there were a lot of people there already.


There was a table set up where the guests could take a handful of ready made dough and just use the rollers and customize their own pizza with all the ingredients available on the table. At the photo above you can see Jo’s husband Alex and his self made brick oven. Its so awesome to use something you created yourself!


This was my plate of pizza I made with some ham, eggplant, capsicums and onions. Topped with lots of cheese! I think it turned out all right 😁


That was the pizza after it was cooked in the brick oven. Didn’t take long really. Maybe 5 minutes tops! And I really liked the stone plate they used for slicing up the pizza.

Aside from Pizza there were snacks and salads, which I don’t have a photo of. I personally enjoyed the white Sauvignon Blanc wine that was served there. Left the party around 6pm all flushed and red faced 😳

I think I spoke to and had decent conversations with at least two ladies there that had kids. I don’t think much of the party guests are single people anyway. Kids were running around the place and there was even a trampoline for the kids to enjoy down the backyard.

It kinda felt like I was in a Sims game where there’s a house party going on and my social bars for each person were all zeros. And I think I only managed a bit of a plus on Caroline and DanDan, the two lady I spoke to. Socializing is a big challenge for me. I mean, I’m just soooo used to being alone and thats effortless in comparison with being around people all the time and thinking about what to say!

Well, I also met a cutie in the party, and that was Jo’s cat! And what a FAT cat he is! 😅😅😅



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