A day at the suburbs. #GlenEden


My first time to take a train here in Auckland since I’ve arrived. Buses were my main mode of transport if not on foot. So it was refreshing to get to try something new today. Audrey invited me to just chill out at her house and suggested I take the train since its really near her housing area.

When I got on the train, I was seated next to a lady whom I reckon looked so much like Viola Davis the actress from her side profile. I was so tempted to tell her she looks like a famous award winning actor but I was just to chicken sh*t to tell it to her. Not to mention she didn’t look too happy about me taking up the seat beside her I guess. I just didn’t feel like moving cos I figured if that was really Viola Davis then wooohooooo!! I also figured I shouldn’t move cos then that might offend her.

So the photo above I managed to take a stolen shot just before I got off the train. As you can see, her front profile shot obviously shows she’s not Viola Davis and I figured that too, I mean why in the world would a famous actor like Viola Davis ride the train?? Duh~~


Anyhow, I arrived at the final destination at Glen Eden at about 13:20pm, it was about an hour’s ride from Britomart, not too bad really I mean although it was a lot of stations that I passed by but it didn’t feel that long.


I had to check on Mr Google Maps to make sure I was going the right way to Audrey’s address. Not to mention, I forgot to tap my Hop card to the machine because I didn’t know how the machine looked like and I didn’t notice any nearby. So I just left the station due to all that excitement and walked down the road to Audrey’s home.


This was the road going toward’s Audrey’s street. Look at the trees and the blooming flowers! Oh Spring!!!


Had a simple but lovely afternoon with Audrey and her baby Gabrielle. Just catching up and chit chatting about life and everything in between. She cooked Malaysian style stir fried noodles for me! And it tasted so good I think I went back for at least 3 rounds.


Audrey even gave me some plastic pots for my indoor vegetable planting project, and even gave me some soil! Not to mention my thick face in asking for donation from her and I got 3 long sleeved shirt that she no longer wears hehehehehe.. Thank You Lord for Audrey!


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