Piha Beach. #westSide #Auckland


I got to go to the Piha Beach out west! And though I must say I am not much of a beach person, the weather today was just nice, not at all hot and was wonderful for me to be at the beach. Not to mention the fact that the beach was practically empty!


Audrey is just such an awesome human being!!! She brought me out all the way to the beach, even with an almost empty tank of gas in her car and she just winged it! Almost 40km away from the city center, it took us about 30-40minutes drive to get there. Not too far really 😉


And my favorite part of the brief but breath taking trip, is that I get to do a mini hike/climb up the Lion Rock! Wooohoooo!!! My first hike in Auckland! hahahahhaa


I love how New Zealand takes pride in their love for nature and environment. Look at how pretty this little monument is at the top! Well, this wasn’t exactly the summit but it was as close to the top that we could go to since the rest of the hike up was closed.


Still, I wasn’t expecting to climb up that Rock cos I thought we were just going to walk around the beach with its black sands but its so cool that we actually get to climb it! 😁😁😁


With the goofy Audrey!



I am just soo soo thankful and overwhelmed by God’s grace and blessing for the kindness of people around me. I get to see His beautiful creation! Thank You Lord You are so amazing!! 🙌


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