Rotorua Day 2. #springOuting2015 #cityHarmonyConnectGroup

06:00am – Day 2! Rise and Shine! I must say the room’s heater worked so well for me that I didn’t even needed my blanket to sleep in! Nice and warm, which also made me want to stay in bed longer. But I just waited for the shower to not be so crowded before I decided to get off the bed and start the day. It also rained really hard and I was just wondering how we were going to proceed with the rest of the trip for the day.
06:30am – Finally got out of the room to shower & change, I also got to do my number two business in peace. Phew! 😝
07:15am – I was the last to arrive in the breakfast hall and yes, I am a spoiled child, didn’t do anything to help with breakfast but I did made sure I helped out with at least wiping the clean dishes dry. We had instant noodles, bread with ham and eggs, scrambled eggs, corned beef for breakfast. Thanks to all of them wonderful people who prepared food and everything! I am so blessed!! Again, no photos from me cos I was late and I was too hungry and ashamed about being late that I didn’t think of photos.
08:20am – We were suppose to start sharing of the word around 8am but since most of them went on to pack up, we started a bit later. It was just a good time starting the day with devotionals and the Holy Spirit’s presence was really felt at the time. I was asked to pray for healing for people just before we ended the session but didn’t manage to end the session with a closing prayer as I thought someone else was going to do it 😛
09:40am – By this time, we packed all our bags and returned all the keys to check out of the BackYard Inn. Onward to the first program of the day, Redwoods!
10:00am – It was still raining and drizzling as we arrive in Redwoods. But of course, our God is so faithful and loving that whenever we got out of the car and started wandering around, He stopped the rain for us!
We didn’t actually followed the walk way into the forest but just went for a photo session right beside the Visitor Information Center.
This was by far my favorite highlight of the trip. The forest was so beautiful!!! God is soooo amazing and wonderful! I mean, only He could think of such an amazing color for a forest! The trees had sort of a red maroonish tint to the barks and the ground was all covered with red leaves. As they say, it looked like a scene from a Twilight movie. πŸ™„
11:15am – Next after Redwoods, we headed to Hamurana Springs. It was quite a long drive away from Redwoods which is already quite near the city centre. There wasn’t much to see there and the springs reserve was a bit of a hike away so we decided not to continue the journey and just took some scenic photos of the view from the entrance and the bridge. I mostly enjoyed seeing the ducks and swan swimming along the lake and dipping their head underwater to look for food. It was so interesting to see how they do that!
The water was reaaaally clear though, you could see whats underneath it!
12:15pm – We arrived at the Okere Falls after leaving Hamurana Springs. It was only 1 minute away from the entrance but there was nothing fascinating about the falls except that it was used for hydroelectric power generation back in the days. We also saw some whitewater rafters braving the violent waves for some adrenaline rush.
We were told that there was a cave down the trail by some passer-bys but it was about a 15minute trail so we also skipped that and decided we should make a move and get some lunch.
13:10pm – Before Josh, Eunice, Gay and I head over to the lunch place, we stopped by a tour agency place to get discount coupons for Sheep Shearing Farm Show. This was a pretty spontaneous decision too. It just happened that Josh asked if we wanted to watch the sheep shearing show and it was initially only for our car ride passengers, but since everyone else was also game for it, we had to rush our lunch to make sure we meet the schedule at 2:30pm.
13:30pm – I was surprised to find that the infamous Best Fish & Chips ever is actually owned by a Chinese! Oppie’s Fish ‘N’ Chips Chinese Takeaway is an award winner!
Groufie at Oppie’s!
I must say, the Fish N Chips is really fresh and the fries are less oily than the normal chips I have tried. I only wished they served ketchup with it. Even the Tartar sauce cost NZ$ 2.50 per small tub! But yea, definitely would recommend this to friends and come back here with my own big bottle of Ketchup!
14:20pm – Arrived at the Agrodome just in time! Used our discount coupons and got 10% off from the regular rate which was NZ$ 32.50 per adult. Better than nothing eh?
No idea why they put a reindeer in the ticket design cos there wasn’t any reindeer during the show. And I didn’t realise it was a “world famous” farm show until when I got inside, people from all over the world came to see it!
The stage setup for the 19 breeds of sheep! We got to sit on about the 4th row in front of the stage. Just the right position for a nice view of the show!
14:30pm – Sheep Shearing show started, and the guy who hosted the show was totally cool and awesome! He was very entertaining and so were the 19 stars of the show!
He talked about each of the breed, where they originated from and what their features are like and what their furs or wool are mainly used for. He even had a demonstration of how a sheep dog works and used ducks as props to show how the dogs guide the sheep.
After a demonstration of how a typical sheep shearer would shave off the sheep’s wool, he gave us some samples to touch and feel. He even explained what the wool produces like Lanolin oil and it was really informative. He even added trivia and said that a typical sheep shearer would work on at least 200 – 300 sheep a day! And a record breaking of fastest sheep shearer could do 700+ sheep in 9 hours, averaging about 1 sheep every 45 seconds. Whoah!
Aside from giving us a demonstration of the sheep shearing process, he also asked some volunteers to milk a cow, and feed milk to lambs! It was a really fun show and I totally enjoyed it. After the show ended, we even got a chance to go up to the stage and take photos with the stars of the sheep. Funny story, one of them even tried to eat my tissue packet! It took my tissue from my bag! Tsk!
16:06pm – We finally left for Auckland from Agrodorm after lots of photos and it was time to get home before it gets too late. Josh drives really fast, I mean even while its raining, he could go up to 100/kmph!
18:50pm – Finally arrived in Auckland city centre, and in the comfort of my tiny and humble apartment. Thankful to God for such a wonderful experience and blessings from so many people by their act of service and love. ^_^
Thank You Lord for this Spiritual Family!

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