Happy Birthday Jill! #flatmates #studentlife


At the 2A unit at Albert’s street. With Jill, Rein and George (Rein and Jill’s current flatmate)!


The two ladies hard at work, preparing the Bacon Carbonara Pasta for dinner! And of course, I was just there to eat and was not much of a help 😛


I got Jill a Chocolate Mud cake from New World Supermarket just so we could have a cake for her to blow the candles out.


And whaddya know? There’s another surprise! Thai guy Ma came and brought some Brazillians with him to wish Jill a happy birthday!


Our ex-flatmates from Luau Accommodation, Andrea, Jill, Ma, Gustavo, Diego and Rein. I was of course, holding the camera.


And so I made sure I was able to get a group photo with me in the shot!

With Rein, Gustavo, Ma, Diego, the birthday girl and Andrea!

Twas a very simple birthday celebration and I am just glad Jill gets even just a simple little party to celebrate her first ever birthday away from home.

God bless you Girl!


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