Raya Open House and Yam Cha sessions. #home


Went to uncle Ricky and aunty Aini’s house at Penampang for a Raya Open House party. Ricky is my brother in law’s brother, which technically also becomes my brother in law too. We arrived there about 6:30pm or so, and there wasn’t much people yet at the time. I ate just a little bit of ketupat with rendang, they tasted good although I’m just not a big fan of Malay food since my taste buds are just accustomed to more Chinese flavors.


Danica’s bff Chrisella came along with us, these girls remind me of myself and Amie back in our teenage years.. awww


As the party people started pouring in, like the Majimbuns arrived, the place started to become a bit crowded and so we ended up sitting at the kitchen area where there is another big screen TV there showing Father of the Bride Part II in which my sister, the girls and I ended up just watching the show for the rest of our time there.

Then about 8pm, we left the party and went on to Damai Point to yam cha and have some snacks with Aunty Kitty and Jude Limus. Just a nice bonding session and quick catch up before I leave town again. Had the famous grilled chicken wings from the stalls there. Oh yummy yummy I am gonna miss them Chicken Wings!




Again, the selfie focus does not work for large groups. Everybody elses face just turns blur 😒


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