Spell it Right Competition. #family #vocabulary #language



I get to watch Chloe in a Spelling Bee competition today! Held in Suria Sabah’s ground floor events area, the program started at 10am and by the time Chloe gets to go on stage, it was already about 11:30am.  Pictured here, participant number 033, Chloe seated at the area where all the other participants from all different schools in the whole of Sabah are. This group of kids are the top 100 over all of Sabah that got through in the preliminary rounds! So proud of Chloe!



Chloe seated on Stage with the other competitors while waiting for her turn. Having heard some of the words they were asked to spell, by golly, I didn’t even know what the word “Chaparral” was until today! Chloe was in the batch 4 to go up the stage and it was by a knock out system where each speller will compete until someone gets the spelling wrong. When only one is left in the 10 competing against one another, that person will be qualified to go to the last final round competing against all other winners from the previous rounds.



Here’s Chloe taking the stage and in front of the microphone. Each participant was given 20 seconds to spell the word. And yes, 20 seconds was actually quite sufficient.


Chloe didn’t pass the first round, and that was only because the event host/word announcer, Mr Alan Blight pronounced the word in a Malaysian Accent. He said “STUBBY” with the typical Chinese accent of “STUPPY” and hence, that was what Chloe ended up spelling. “S.T.U.P.P.Y”.. aaaaawwwwwwww

Well, on the bright side, because she finished early, we got to have more time to hang out with one another. After her round was over, we went straight to UpperStar inside the mall and had lunch there before going off to our next program for the day.




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