Catching up with Sabrina. #highschoolfriends #chungHwaKK

Spent time with Sabrina today for a little “farewell” bonding and also to hand her the books she asked me to get from Manila. She came to pick me up from my house around 10am in her big white Hilux 🙂

It was raining heavily and so I suggested we go to Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap at Hiltop since it would be easier to find parking there compared to the other place in Damai Point that I was craving for fish noodle soup. We spent quite a long time there having our “brunch” and talked heart to heart. She told me what was going on in her life for the past few years after her highschool that I never knew about until now. She’s definitely been through lots of tough times.


After Hiltop, since she took a leave off from work for the day, she wasn’t really in a hurry to leave or take off after our brunch bonding, so I suggested we could go to City Mall where we could have dessert and hang out a bit more. We ended up buying the “Taste Better” durian puffs and ate them at the food court in City Mall.


I actually even ordered Pan Mian because I was also craving for that too! It was nice catching up with her again and being able to hear a lot more personal stories from her this time compared to when she and her husband met up with me in Manila. 🙄


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