Lunch date with JLo! #highschoolfriends #TshungTsin


Had lunch at The Olde Station Kopitiam at City Mall with Jenny Lo! Thankful for this lady’s friendship and effort to still keep in touch with me after so many years..It was her birthday just yesterday!


I ordered their Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken that costs RM 13.90 ridiculous I tell ya but at least they tasted good and the serving was pretty big.


Thank You for taking the time to hang out and bond with me even if briefly during your lunch break Jenny! Till next time we meet again! Hopefully in Auckland! 😁


2 Comments to “Lunch date with JLo! #highschoolfriends #TshungTsin”

  1. Ahhhhhaaakk Pam! didnt knew u still active on wordpress 😀 Grateful for this friendship & the journey as we both grow 🙂 Till next time, perhaps in Auckland. LOL.

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  2. @jLo yesss.. masih active bah here.. hehehe.. will always treasure this friendship and find more times to bond with you and hopefully with the others too! 😀


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