Handmade Denim Bag. #skilled #crafty #homemade #family


Got myself a new denim sling bag! And this is custom made to order! Paid a very decent RM 40.00 for this bag with a very good quality denim cloth and high quality craftsmanship too!


This is my mother’s aunt (her late husband was my mother’s uncle, who was my grandmother’s first cousin!) Yes I know, the age gap is ridiculous but it happens! We also got a photo of her white cat called “monster” because it was quite big framed for a normal house cat. It was also very clingy too, kept coming to our legs and wanted our attention and affection.

I was telling aunty how she should be doing this business and selling her crafts online! But she said she just didn’t want all the pressure of getting a load of orders but not being able to meet the demands. True though. So I guess she just wants to earn the income in a relaxed environment and I totally understand. What she made was art and a talent showcase! I wanna be able to make a bag like that someday too!


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