Bowling with the fambam! #homeDay6


At Legend Coffee Tea for dinner before our bowling activities. Almost didn’t make it tonight because it was raining so heavily around 5pm, but thank God it lightened up around 6:30pm when we left home. By the time we reached 1Borneo it was already 7:30pm what with all the peak hour traffic.


Me and my meal, Australian lamb with fried rice and sunny side egg. There wasn’t any noodles there that I was interested in having. This dish cost me RM 12.80! Goodness gracious, KK food is getting really costly nowadays. 😧


After dinner, off to bowling at MyBowl! Rm 8.00 per person, per game. But they had a promo of getting one game for free if we purchased two games ahead of time. We weren’t sure we would be able to stay long enough so we bought only 1 game first, then Tommy got so excited he asked for round 2! Hehehhee


We had to change lanes twice cos the lanes were scratching Tom and my sister’s bowling balls that they brought with them. The girls just played a bit and then went off to play the arcades when we started the new round.


I scored 101 with 2 strikes and 2 spares! Che2 came in second with 78 and mom (not bad as well, at least not nil) scored 32! Tommy no surprise here, 143 points!



After our bowling game was done we watched Chloe play some racing arcade game and she was doing so well at it too!


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