Fully Booked Monday. #leavingPhilippines #farewell


Breakfast date with Ate Ched started at 8am in Pancake House, Cash & Carry mall in Makati! This spiritual big sister I met in Victory Makati reminds me so much of my own big sister Didi back home. She also has three kids, and is the same age as my sister, and even her husband’s gentle mannerism reminds me of Tommy, my brother in law. It was like God telling me, you can always go to her, like how I go to my sister at home for guidance and counsel if I needed support. I had such a great time just fellowship with her and enjoying her stories and encouragement. Most of all, she prayed for me, and I think thats one of the best gift anyone can give me as a farewell gift. I ordered the Daing na Bangus breakfast dish since I was still on the #PinoyFoodOnly challenge. We just talked and shared our lives and praising God for how good He has been in our lives, by the time we finished, it was already 11:15am and I was just in time for my next farewell lunch date with Janice!


Rght after I said goodbye to Ate Ched, went straight to a lunch date with Janice at Greenbelt’s Manam Comfort Filipino Food! We were initially already seated at Cafe Via Mare in Greenbelt 1, but since we haven’t ordered any food, and Janice suggested we try something I never tried yet, I thought we could still politely leave Via Mare and proceeded towards Manam (formerly Nam Nam).

I was SOOOOO relieved we decided to ditch Cafe Via Mare and try Manams because I soooo loved the Sinigang they served!!!


Had their best seller and unforgettable dish, Sinigang na Beef with Watermelon! So so delish!! Its definitely a one of a kind Sinigang that I’ve never tasted!


6pm hang out with Rosel and chilling in Starbucks Glorietta 5 while waiting for Lauren to get out of her day 1 at her first day at Inity!


Lauren shared about how her day went and even wore her first day to work outfit that was a gift shared by Rosel and I to Lauren. This was a farewell treat I owed Rosel for all the kindness she had shown me for the time we’ve known each other 🙂


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