Binondo Food Trip with The WIT girls. #spiritualFamily #victorymakati

Took these beautiful ladies to Binondo for a half day food trip! From Wai Ying’s dim sum, to Fried Shanghai Siopao to Frog Legs, what an adventure!


With my sisters in Christ, Ate Imee, Margy, Jobelle and Jhwen. At the Wai Ying Fastfood down at Benavidez Street, Chinatown/Binondo.

We started our trip early, about 7:45am we met up near the Binondo Church beside Ong Pin Street. Headed to our first stop at Wai Ying. After Wai Ying, we went down the Ong Pin street and found the Fried Shanghai SioPao, even though we were still pretty stuffed, we shared 3 siopaos among the 5 of us.

Next up, we wanted to be a bit more adventurous, and since some of them haven’t tried eating Frog Legs, we went to the Esteras which was like a food court along the side of the bridge and though the place was kind of dodgy, I thought it felt very “old Manila” style.


From the Frog Legs, we walked down the street further, and even though I wasn’t really sure where to go, we just walked and walked and explored while letting all that food down our system. Eventually, we did manage to come across that place that I went to on my very first Binondo food trip in 2013 which served that very fresh Lumpia. The New Eastern Garden Restaurant!

Our last stop was Lucky China Town, which took us a while to get there because we also stopped along the way at some shop to get tea leaves and the others got some dragon fruit and other pasalubongs.

Then, once we got to the Lucky China Town mall, we were already all sweaty, hot and haggard from walking under the heat of the sun. That was right about 12 noon. I brought the ladies to the Resorts World lounge to register for their free membership card so we could ride the free shuttle to Resorts World just to get out of Binondo. Spent quite some time there since ALL of them had to register! They even got some mini games for them to try and win a gift!



After the registration, we head to King Chef Restaurant that was inside Lucky China Town mall, as suggested by Ate Imee since she’s been there, ordered some really light snack and drinks as dessert.

By the time we reached Resorts World, it was already 3:00pm. Went around the mall and took photos and also ended up sitting at Starbucks coffee just to rest and chit chat and chill.

4:30pm, we finally parted ways, and that was my final bonding session with Ate Imee and Jhwen before I left Manila for good. 😦


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