Bonding with this annoying brother , Gerald. #SpiritualFamily #VictoryMakati #LeavingPhilippines #PinoyFoodOnly


The Vigan Longganisa! Served with 2 sunny side eggs , garlic rice and some pickled vegetable. This meal is kinda pricey, about 325 pesos but definitely good quality food.

Via Mare Café is by far one of my favorite places to go for Pinoy food like the Rellenong Talong (eggplant, ground pork and eggs) and the Puto Bumbong dessert.

We also ordered the Munggo Soup which came with shrimps, tomatoes and chicharon, it was a good soup though. This was about 230 pesos good for two or even three.



Still the best Puto Bumbong I’ve tried so far in the last seven years I’ve been here.

Spent time catching up with this brother as we talked about everything from church people, the homosexual issue and the spiritualities, to even past relationships. I admit, at times he can be very annoying and “makulit”, but Gerald definitely has good qualities and depth in his conversations.


After lunch we walked around, trying to get the food down, and killing time by window shopping and looking for a Concealer brush (girly makeup stuff). Oh! While walking around, I bumped into the sweet petite Liezl Catapang! She was just having a regular date out Sunday with her boyfie and urgh, I just realised I should’ve taken a photo with her!! It could possibly be the last time I meet her!!! 😭

After spending on more makeups that I will rarely use, and a quick stop to PowerBooks to get the Danielle Steele book for Sabrina, we finally left the mall at 5pm and Gerald dropped me home by 5:40pm.

As annoyed as I get with Gerald’s insistence sometimes, I thank God for his heart to reach out to people and share the gospel. He really should be a missionary, I really think he has the gift of evangelism! He could even share the gospel to any strangers and even cab drivers!


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