Time to catch up with @keribelles! #spiritualFamily #BFFs

After the breakfast date with the Tan family, next bonding session lined up is scheduled at 2:00pm. The Tans were also very kind to drop me off at Greenbelt 3 around 12:40pm and I took my time walking around the malls while waiting for Jobelle.

Met up with Belle at H&M around 2:40pm and we continued to go around the malls just to window shop while talking and catching up at the same time.

We were at Uniqlo, H&M, and even went to Cotton On at Glorietta 5 just window shopping and talking about our lives simultaneously. I managed to try out a pair of jeans from Cotton On and was very tempted to get it but self control kicked in and made sure I don’t spend on things I don’t necessarily need.


But hey, check out this 3/4th jeans which I thought was pretty cool. Costs about 1.4k pesos though and since it was a size 8 which the waist area was rather loose, I figured a size smaller would not look the way I wanted it to anymore.

After Cotton On, took a bit of a rest and headed on to Gerry’s Grill for an early dinner. It was about 5pm when we started eating and we had so much things to talk about. The food took awhile to be served and sadly I have tasted better pork sisig with egg, better adobo flakes elsewhere.


After the earlier dinner, it was about 6pm when we left the place and walked around just to let our stomachs rest.


We capped the night off with a sweet ending at Razon’s eating their halo halo!


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