Fellowship of the Tans. #spiritualFamily #VictoryMakati #LeavingPhilippines


Had a breakfast date with this family today at Ayala Triangle’s Banapple. With Edson, baby Roey and Ina! We had so much fun just chillaxing and enjoying the food and conversations and watching the very hyper baby Roey moving about!



Ardee and Tristan was also there at Banapple for a breakfast meeting to talk about some administrative stuff so we sat at separate tables to give them the space they needed. Obviously they weren’t too busy to also photobomb us in the mean time!

I am so thankful to God for bringing this really inspiring love story and couple together and having them extending their blessings and prayers to me. So honored and so grateful for their kindness and fellowship! We were there from 9:30am all the way up until 12noon, and spent all that time just talking about how I got here in the Philippines, my fondest memories here and my future plans ahead. Ina said that my stories reminded her of how Joseph , Isaac’s son in the bible, had to be thrown in the pit and the favor of God upon him only came about years later. It was certainly an encouragement and blessing to be reminded that God is not done with me yet :mrgreen:


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