I got myself a souvenir! #Filipiñana #PinoyAtHeart #LeavingPhilippines #Countdown14days


Finally! Got a hold of the “baro’t saya” Filipiñana! Look how pretty it is! With all the colorful hand painted flowers on the Pinya textile!

And thanks to my roommate Thesille who was so kind enough to accompany me to commute all the way to Divisoria to get this! Initially the first few pieces we saw were either black or green in color and I was really looking for one with the white or cream “nude” shade, and thank God He was watching over us and making sure I got the best stuff! Thank You Lord for providing even with the littlest things!

But wait, there’s more! Because this piece only cost 1,400 pesos after slight bargaining (original quoted price was 1.5k), I was able to get two Filipiñanas for 1,300 pesos each! Woohooo!


This second piece of Filipiñana I got is the Maria Clara, also comes with embroidery and hand painted art!


Behind me was the lady who coaxed me into getting two pieces even when they didn’t have the other piece that I fell in love with.


This was the one I initially wanted to get aside from the “mestiza” one with the fluffed up shoulders. The top was a size “S” but my hips couldn’t fit the skirt and they didn’t have any other stock with a Medium sized skirt. I thought to myself, well it wasn’t meant to be. But then this sales lady managed to dig up another piece I was looking at prior to that which at first she said didn’t come with any other color! Tsk! So I didn’t have any excuse or reason to say no to that piece. 😒

But still, these two was worth the purchase. I had planned to spend a max of 3K on the Filipiñana and I did manage to keep within my budget!

After mission n accomplished, Thesille brought me to her former university at UST, University Santo Tomas and was suppose to go visit the museum but since it was a Public Holiday (Hari Raya!), the museum was closed. Awww too bad..


Angel-Lyca Bridal Gowns and Barongs
Stall 3E-5, 3rd, Floor Bldg. 1, 999 Mall, Bldg. Soler St., Binondo, Manila
Tel No: 703-5002

I figured I should give them a free advertisement by posting the address of the shop where I got the Filipiñana from in case anyone is considering to look for them here in Binondo, and came across my post 😉



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