Dinner at Rosel’s at East Kamias. #HomeCooking


We’re at Hse 108, K-10th Street! Quezon City ^.^

Rosel invited a bunch of us to her home in QC to have early dinner at 5pm.


At the entrance to the main door, this was our hang out area for the evening. Rosel has a lovely home! With Maru, Lauren, Rosel and Stephy. This was the early birds photo!


A little later in the evening, Irah and Mart joined the party!

Rosel’s menu for the night was Roast Beef with Espagnole Sauce, Baked Salmon, and Mashed Potatoes. She also served some roast chicken too!

After dinner, we just chillaxed and sat around talking and enjoying one another’s company. Rosel even brought out her baby pictures for our enjoyment!


Poor Lauren was caught with colds and fever so she had to be all wrapped up in turtle neck attire and no cold juice for her :-p


We ended the night pretty early, about 8:40pm, Rosel gave Lauren, Irah, Stephy and I a ride to the nearest MRT station, Cubao Station so we could proceed home. Maru had to go off earlier because she had another appointment to go to. All in all it was just great to be hanging out with these fun people on a Public Holiday ^_^

So this was how my Raya day 1 was celebrated!


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