Despedida Party with Vgroup Ladies. #farewell #spiritualfamily

Thank You for taking the time to fellowship with me ladies!


And a special thanks to Junbee for offering her condo unit for us to hang out at for this despedida.


It was great to be able to catch up and just enjoy food and company with this cheerful bunch. They could even talk about farting and burping while eating their meals. *cough cough*

After consuming the Amber’s Pancit Malabon and barbeque pork treat I bought for us to enjoy, Mayleen organized a little activity for the girls to write me a little farewell message. Awww using the alphabets on my second name to describe me! So sweet!

Then another fun activity, we got to play Pinoy Henyo! I always liked this game of Yes, No and Maybe. Mayleen prepared a few words that were all related to me and the one on the chair has to guess what the word was while others tell if it was yes, no or maybe!

My first guess was “Chinese” because I could speak the language 😁 Its so funny to see Juvie having such a hard time guessing. She must really hate this game 😝

And finally I got two more surprises from Junbee and Mayleen! Junbee made a n extra effort to bake a chocolate avocado cake for me!! Wow.. I super appreciate it when people cook for me, I have the utmost respect for them for the effort and time to do that. And Mayleen got me a coin purse that says Philippines on it! Aaaaww.. so thoughtful of her!!



I’m gonna miss these girls!! 😭

We ended the night quite late, I was home around 10:45pm and so thankful for Junbee cos she offered to wash all those dishes we left behind 😅


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