Bonding with Sherlyn & Co. #fromColleaguesToFriends #CsdTeam #Unit1

After work, I had a date with Sherlyn and her hubby just to spend more time with one another before I leave.

We met up at 4:30pm at Serendra’s Mary Grace Café. I intentionally wanted to bring them there cos it was my treat after the many times I’ve had food at their home for free! Good thing I also got a free ride with Mart Sio to get there on his way home.

Just a simple treat cos I wanted to show them I really appreciate her friendship. I will also refer her as the first true Pinay friend that I made here in the Philippines!


We ordered the Saffron with Leek Cream Dory Pasta to share for the ladies and an Italian Sausage Pizza for the boys. I also got us the grilled cheese rolls which I will certainly miss when I leave for good 😩



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