Bicol Express and a Shirt with a Cat. #workmatesLove #bffs #sweetnessoverload

I got a nice surprise from Lauren today! She gave me a shirt of hers that I really liked cos it had a cat on the shirt! Awww.. very sweet of her cos she remembered I mentioned how I liked that shirt and told her it would be a nice going away gift for me if she ever thought of giving it away 😝 #hintHint #noShame

*photo of me wearing the shirt on Friday, July 15, 2015 with Lauren who gave me the shirt!

But wait, there’s more! Lauren also brought me home cooked Bicol Express! Her dad made some with fresh coconut milk and with lots of papaya, the special way Ilocanos would do it she says, but I had to save it for later because I didn’t expect Rosel to also bring Kaldereta for me on the same day!  She got a bit upset with me when I told her I won’t be eating it immediately but I calmed her down and assured her I will eat it tomorrow or tonight and it will be fine as long as I keep it in the freezer.

Thank You Lord for these wonderful and very thoughtful friends. I will surely miss them when I leave, please take care of them and bless them Lord, in Jesus name, Amen!


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