My Last Tondo Outreach. #csr #factset #volunteer #countdown20days


At the Tondo Happyland Barangay, near the Manila Port Area. It’s been raining the past few days with Typhoon Egay and Falcon pouring in intermittent rains, we weren’t sure if we were still going to push through with today’s program. Even as we were on our way to Tondo in the van, it started pouring! But praise God who is ever faithful and loving, he stopped the rain just in time for us to continue on with the feeding program.


When we got there, the kids were already lining up for their IDs. Factset volunteers were tasked to help find the IDs of the kids in alphabetical order and give them out to the kids. I was handling the IDs and giving out those with surnames starting with the Alphabet A and D.



Ms Precious told us we didn’t prepare any skit or moral story for the kids today because we were not sure if the rain would be a hindrance. So we skipped the story and went ahead with just the feeding program. And this time we saw the New Life Church kids ministry doning new light blue colored t-shirts that read “New Creation church” at the back. I asked if they had changed their church partnership but the main ministry leader Ms Jade said the NCC was another partner of theirs in the feeding program that provided the meals and fruits that they new give out instead of the champorado like we used to.

Simple program today with the MC praying and then teaching them a new song called “Light of the world” packed with actions and choreography of course for the kids to learn. After which the MC shared a bit about how Christ is the light of the world and he lights up our lives and removes all sin and darkness in our lives. Very short message but straight to the point, then he also prayed for the kids and even included the parents and guardians that were present at the program too.

They didn’t do the hand wash process this time, and went straight to blessing the food and all the volunteers started handing out the packed meal, along with banana and a bottled water for each kid. Plus, a packet of grocery filled with canned goods and instant noodles that was sponsored by Factset. I helped give out the bananas ans packed meal by passing it on to another volunteer beside me that gave them to the kids.


It’s a small part that I do, but I know God is glorified even in that small thing that I do. Thank You Lord for stopping the rain and blessing the kids with more sponsors and volunteers. Thank You Lord for this outreach program that has also blessed me.

And God is so good indeed, I didn’t even expect that instead of a regular Mang Inasal or Jollibee treat for the volunteers, this time we get a little bit extra special by having a treat at Dencio’s! Yay! Good timing for my last outreach here in Manila! Got to enjoy and keep the #PinoyFoodOnly challenge before leaving Manila for good! 🙌😁😁😁



Oh, and at Dencio’s is where I was so careless and dropped my Crocodile watch face flat to the ground made of tiles and then broke the watch glass and even the seconds hand came out 😥 Guess its time for a new watch.



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