Reunion + Despedida Combo. #spiritualfamily #victorymakati


At Shakey’s Valero with these ladies! Ate Imee, Margy, Jobelle, Mincy, Yam and Jhwen! Mincy is back from Ireland for a few days because her dear aunt passed away recently. So she came and made a quick visit before leaving again to go back to work.


I also took the opportunity to attend the Victory Makati Tuesday service as I haven’t been there in a while. Things haven’t changed much and the Tuesday service still has the largest crowd there at Makati Sports Center.

This little gathering was after the Tuesday service ended and we decided to meet up at Shakey’s because it was an easy choice. Little did we realise that it was the exact same place we met up in January when we had a despedida for Mincy before she left for Ireland! Thanks to Facebook! 🙄

I’m glad we all made the effort to meet up and just catch up with each other’s lives despite the heavy rains and typhoon we’ve been experiencing the past few days. Mincy showed us a video of Bren’s marriage proposal to her and also shared about how its been working in Ireland, how expensive the things were etc etc. I also shared a bit of an update of what’s up with me and how I’m doing here and my plans to leave soon.

Thank You Lord for the prayers of these spiritual sisters and their shared lives, I also pray you bless them in all the things you have planned for them! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!


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